Tax Resolution Services

Have you received a letter from the IRS about owing money to them?
Do you think you may owe money and need advice on how to proceed staying out of trouble?

The IRS Licensed Enrolled Agents at Tax Pros Plus are Tax Experts at evaluating tax debt situations and recommending every solution available to reduce or settle back taxes. Every tax payer does not qualify for the same tax resolution services. Through our training from the IRS and our experience of helping people solve their tax problems we are able to help our clients stay out or get out of trouble through negotiating or reaching a resolution with the IRS to settle their tax debt in the best manner. We have saved our clients millions of dollars over the past several years from California to Charleston, South Carolina. Not every client will be able to get an extreme deal, but we will work our best to help you keep what is yours and stay out of trouble.

Some of the most common tax resolution services are listed below. 

STOP IRS Levy & Seizure
End Wage Garnishment
Settle Back Taxes
Settle Payroll Taxes
Offer in Compromise
Reduce IRS Penalties
Help with IRS Audits
Release IRS Lien
Non-Filed Past Tax Returns