Bookkeeping Services for Charleston, SC

Charleston is the largest city in the state of South Carolina. It is also the county seat of Charleston County, SC. The city is just south of the midpoint of South Carolina’s coastline on Charleston Harbor. It covers a total area of 135.1 square miles, of which 114.76 square miles is land. Charleston has a strong economy based on tourism, commercial transportation, and information technology. This has allowed the city to flourish and employs the city’s over 150,000 residents.

Every person and business in the city is required to file taxes. Businesses, in particular, are required to keep accurate records of their revenue and expenses. This can be difficult, especially for small business owners. As a small business owner, you are responsible for so much. Your primary concern is growing the business. Thankfully, Tax Pros Plus can alleviate the concern of bookkeeping for businesses in Charleston. 

Assistance with Tax Returns

Every year the tax code is altered by the local and state governments in South Carolina and the federal government. It can be difficult to keep track of the tax code. There are tax deductions and credits that can minimize your taxes. We can help you figure out what documentation you need for your proof of income and proof of tax deductions and credits. Our tax professionals can help with every aspect of your tax returns.

Contact Us Today for Tax Returns & More

At Tax Pros Plus, we provide professional bookkeeping services to businesses throughout the Charleston, SC area. Focus on growing your business and allow tax pros to do your books for you. We also help individuals and businesses with tax returns and tax resolutions. Contact us today for any of our tax or bookkeeping services!

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