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Don’t Gamble on Winning at Tax Fraud

Tax fraud is bad….but what is tax fraud, exactly? Everyone knows it’s a crime to cheat on your taxes. Thankfully, the number of reported cases of tax fraud - as well as convictions for tax crimes - has decreased significantly over the past decade. Under Title 26 of...

What are Payroll Taxes?

Payroll Basics Payroll Taxes are taxes that an employer withholds and pays on behalf of their employees. The amount withheld depends on the worker's Form W-4. There are two types of Payroll Tax Deductions, Statutory Payroll Tax Deductions and Voluntary Payroll Tax...

Tax Benefits from Our Charleston Tax Pros

Tax Season is in full swing and the deadline of April 18th to file your 2016 tax return is quickly approaching! While taxpayers often think about what the IRS is trying to take from them, they don't often think about the fact that the IRS offers many deductions that...

Tax Preparation Checklist from Tax Pros Plus

Before you visit the Tax Pros Plus office for assistance with your tax return, consult our Tax Preparation Checklist! Tax season can be a stressful time for taxpayers. Make things easier on yourself by taking time to get organized before you begin your tax return. Our...

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