Stop IRS Levy and Seizure

At Tax Pros Plus, we never advise any taxpayer to take on the IRS themselves, especially if it involves an IRS levy or lien.

Receiving notice of an IRS levy or lien can be a very frightening time. Just the thought of the IRS seizing all of the money in your bank account(s) or taking your state income tax refund or any payment you may normally receive from the federal government can be unbearable.


When an IRS levy, such as a bank levy, is issued, the bank is legally obligated to immediately freeze any and all of your accounts. The bank must then hold those funds for 21 days, giving you time to resolve the debt. If you have not resolved the debt in those 21 days, the bank must send those funds to the IRS.

And to think the IRS can actually seize and sell your personal property can be financially and emotionally devastating. Unfortunately, it does happen, although rarely. The IRS can take and sell any property, such as a boat, car or even a house.

The IRS can also issue a levy on wages which occurs when the IRS orders your employer to withhold a specific portion of your wages to satisfy a debt you owe. Part of your wages will be sent to the IRS each pay period until you make other arrangements to pay back overdue taxes, the amount of overdue taxes owed is paid or the levy is released.

Tax Pros Plus can begin work on your case by requesting a Stay of Collections for up to 90 days. If the Stay of Collections is granted, the IRS will not contact you about your back taxes for up to the 90-day period granted. This gives the tax experts at Tax Pros Plus the time needed to negotiate a better settlement, whether with an Installment Agreement, Offer in Compromise, or another form of resolution.

If you receive an IRS levy or lien notice, contact us immediately. When you hire the Enrolled Agents at Tax Pros Plus, you can be comforted by knowing that our Tax Experts have years of experience dealing with the IRS. You can face the IRS with confidence when you have our Enrolled Agents on your side.

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