IRS Tax Audit Assistance
For the Charleston, SC Area

An IRS tax audit can be a very frightening and stressful situation.

Knowing the IRS wants to take a second, closer look at your tax return, whether it is the entire return or just a portion of it, such as expenses claimed for meals, entertainment or travel, can be a very nerve-racking experience, especially since the IRS takes the position that you are guilty until proven innocent.

The Tax Experts at Tax Pros Plus, never advise any taxpayer to represent themselves in an IRS audit, no matter how simple it may seem. Even if you honestly believe you filled your entire tax return out correctly, meeting with the IRS can be a very intimidating experience and more so if you have to experience a face-to-face audit.

Traditionally, however, the majority of IRS audits are done via correspondence. In other words, most IRS audits are in the form of letters asking for explanations of various tax items on a tax return or requesting supporting documentation. The fact of the matter is that on average only about one-third of all IRS audits are done on a fact-to-face basis with a revenue agent, tax compliance officer, or tax examiner.

More often than not, an IRS audit of a tax return will result in changes to the return. Whether these changes are good or bad for the taxpayer depends on the situation. As for the likelihood of your tax return being audited, just keep this in mind that only around one percent of all individual returns filed actually received an IRS audit.

But what if you happen to be in that unlucky one percent? We advise that you hire a professional to represent you. When you hire professional tax experts at Tax Pros Plus, you can be comforted by knowing that our licensed Enrolled Agents have years of experience dealing with IRS audits. You can face an audit with confidence when you have our Tax Experts on your side.

Contact Tax Pros Plus today for reliable tax audit assistance. We proudly provide service to individuals and businesses throughout the Charleston, SC area.

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