Tax Returns & Bookkeeping Services

For the Charleston, SC Area

Tax Returns

Whether you only need the current year’s tax return prepared or you have multiple years of non-filed taxes, Tax Pros Plus can help. We prepare all types of tax returns for personal and business clients throughout the Charleston, SC area. Our pricing is competitive and best of all, unlike the tax franchises, we are still here after tax season.


We File Tax Returns for you and all of the following:

  • Personal (Single, Married, Married filing Separately, 1099, Schedule C, 1040, 1040EZ, Military, and all others)
  • Business (LLC, Sole Proprietorship, LLP, Partnership, S-Corp, C-Corp, Incorporated)
  • Non-Profit (State, 501(c)3, 501(c)6, and all others)


Benefit of using Tax Pros Plus to file your tax return:

  • We are open year round, full time
  • We don’t charge extra per minor add-on service needed (schedules)
  • Free second looks at last year’s tax return to make sure you got a full refund
  • Customer Service
  • Decades of Experience

Need a Tax Return or Bookkeeping?

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Bookkeeping Services for the Charleston, SC Area

Do not worry about whether or not your books are being kept, you have a business to run. Your sole focus should be growing your business and devoting as much time as possible to it. Our bookkeeping services allow you to ensure that your are following all legal obligations of your financial record keeping, while also allowing you to devote as much time as possible to growing your business.

Do you need assistance with your bookkeeping services? We can offer assistance with Quickbooks and other accounting software or you can simply outsource all of your bookkeeping needs to us. We offer a low cost, convenient bookkeeping service for hundreds of businesses in the Charleston, SC metro and all over the United States.


Why use us?

  • Who knows accounting and tax codes better than tax experts?
  • Quality, on time bookkeeping service
  • Experienced staff means your books are maintained properly and you save money
  • When tax time comes around, we have all we need to file your tax return for you


Free Tax Organizers

For Individuals: Tax Organizer – Individuals

For Businesses: Tax Organizer – Business

For our returning clients, please call or email if you would prefer for us to send you a tax organizer containing your information from last year’s return.

NOTE: The fillable pdf tax organizer file that you choose should be downloaded and saved to your computer before completing. If you do not save it to your computer first, any information you enter will be lost. Additionally, you must use the “save as” function each time you open the file and add additional information (click “save as”, click “save” using the default name and click “yes” to replace the file with the existing name).

Contact Our Experts for Help Filing Tax Returns

Our tax pros are here to help you file your tax returns. We can do tax returns for individuals, couples, businesses, and non-profits. You can rest assured knowing that our pros are always up-to-date on the tax code and will do our best to ensure you pay the least amount in taxes possible. We also provide excellent customer service, answering any questions you may have. Additionally, we are open year-round so we are always available for you and your tax needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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