Offering Solutions For Tax Problems
Throughout the Charleston, SC Area

The IRS Licensed Enrolled Agents at Tax Pros Plus are Tax Experts at evaluating tax debt situations and recommending every solution available to resolve IRS tax problems. Every taxpayer does not qualify for the same resolution tax services. Some of the most common tax problems are listed below.

Back Tax Debt

There are several means available to settle or greatly reduce the amount of back taxes you owe the IRS and the Tax Experts at Tax Pros Plus have the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain a tax resolution you can live with.


Bank Levy/Wage Garnishment

We offer emergency services to stop a levy of your bank account or garnishment of your wages. If you receive a Notice of Intent to Levy/Garnish, Contact us immediately.

Understand how levies work by reading here:

IRS Lien

The public filing and recording of a Federal Tax lien can greatly damage your credit or your ability to maintain or secure employment. If you are unable to meet an IRS Demand for payment, contact Tax Pros Plus immediately. It is possible to keep a lien from being filed to begin with, but if a lien has already been filed, it is also possible to get it withdrawn. Keep in mind that once an IRS Lien is filed in the public records, it is there forever. Even if the lien is satisfied or withdrawn, the original lien is not removed from the public records. There is just another public filing stating that the lien has been satisfied or withdrawn. Learn more about our services by clicking here.

Read more about IRS Liens here:

IRS Penalties

If you can show an inability to pay, you can request a Penalty Abatement. The IRS may abate some of the penalties they have assessed against you and allow you to pay the tax and interest owed (interest cannot be abated). Penalty Abatement can greatly reduce the amount of your tax debt. Learn more about our services by clicking here.

Read how penalties are assessed here:

Innocent Spouse/Injured Spouse

Do you have a tax debt that belongs to your spouse, but you have been made liable? In some instances, you can be relieved of the liability.

To discuss your particular tax problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! We work hard to find solutions for individuals and businesses throughout the Charleston, SC area.

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