At Tax Pros Plus, Tax Season is officially here!

Many of you have perhaps already received your 2016 tax forms from your employer(s), or are waiting anxiously. You may also think that filing yourself is a good idea, but think again! Before you file, let us outline some of the advantages of having a tax preparer help you out this tax season.

The first reason to go to a tax professional, is that it reduces the burden on you.

Whether you are looking to file personal taxes, business taxes, or taxes for your non-profit. Don’t worry about having to step away from your life to work on your taxes. Save yourself the frustration! Focus on your life or business and let us handle the details. We can handle the current year or multiple years of unfiled taxes.

Don’t think you go the best refund last year? Tax Pros Plus, also offers a FREE second look at last year’s tax return to make sure you get a full refund!

You are also less likely to have errors when you work with a professional tax preparer.

Errors can delay your refund. Errors as simple as basic math or entering a figure on Charleston Tax Returnthe wrong line. At Tax Pros Plus our staff are experts at making sure you get everything right the first time and that you receive your refund as soon as possible.

At Tax Pros Plus, we also understand that many Americans have a fear of being audited by the IRS. But if you work with a tax preparer you can put your fears to rest.

Hiring a tax professional makes sure you have the best possible financial representation of yourself in the event of an audit. Also, in many cases Tax Pros Plus can deal with the IRS on your behalf.

Having your taxes prepared by professionals gives you access to years of education and experience.

Our staff has decades of experience in the field they can put to work for you. They can help you find if you are missing out on a deduction or help you find out whether you qualify for a deduction or credit you have a question about.  Let us answer all these questions and more!

Our staff has also spent time looking around the market to find the best software to prepare your taxes.

This will serve you better than any out of the box program ever could. Along with our expertise your return will be in the best hands when you work with us.

Finally, we aren’t interested in just working with you during tax season, we want to develop a relationship with our customers, one that lasts long after tax season is over.

Tax Pros Plus North Charleston, South CarolinaTherefore, we are open all year, full time. We can also help our clients with other financial issues such as tax resolution, stop IRS garnishment and helping to settle back taxes.

So, don’t spend your time pouring over the tax code! Work with Tax Pros Plus and let us help you understand the changes that effect you and your family/business! Come into Tax Pros Plus and see why we are the go to tax professionals for Charleston and North Charleston.

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