Filing your tax return can be a very time-consuming process that can add a degree of stress. On top of your usual responsibilities to produce at work and take care of things at home, you simply may not have the time or energy required to give your tax return the attention it requires.

Tax Pros Plus is here to help with that. Our team of trusted, experienced accountants and tax professionals knows tax law like the back of our hand and will take the stress of tax season completely out of the equation for you- for a very competitive price!

Tax Pros Plus brings unmatched versatility, all year long

Whether you only need the current year’s tax return prepared or you have multiple years of non-filed taxes that require immediate attention, Tax Pros Plus can help. Our team of talented professionals collectively has several decades of experience preparing all types of tax returns for personal and business clients not only throughout the Charleston, SC area but across all 50 United States of America. Our pricing is competitive and best of all, unlike the tax franchises, we work on taxes twelve months a year! That means even when tax season ends for most people, we are still standing by, ready to help!

We File Tax Returns for you and all of the following:


(Single, Married, Married filing Separately, 1099, Schedule C, 1040, 1040EZ, Military, and all others)


(LLC, Sole Proprietorship, LLP, Partnership, S-Corp, C-Corp, Incorporated)


(State, 501(c)3, 501(c)6, and all others)

On top of our versatility, filing your tax return with Tax Pros Plus comes with several additional benefits, including:


  • We are open twelve months a year, full time
  • We don’t charge extra per minor add-on service needed (schedules)
  • Free second looks at last year’s tax return to make sure you got a full refund
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Decades of Experience

Free Tax Organizers

For Individuals: Tax Organizer – Individuals

For Businesses: Tax Organizer – Business

For our returning clients, please call or email if you would prefer for us to send you a tax organizer containing your information from last year’s return.

NOTE: The fillable pdf tax organizer file that you choose should be downloaded and saved to your computer before completing. If you do not save it to your computer first, any information you enter will be lost. Additionally, you must use the “save as” function each time you open the file and add additional information (click “save as”, click “save” using the default name and click “yes” to replace the file with the existing name).

Take the stress out of tax season with Tax Pros Plus

Since 2005, Tax Pros Plus has quickly grown into one of the most trusted names in filing tax returns in the Charleston, SC area. Through the years, our team of experts has developed a reputation for reducing the annual stress of tax season by handling the matter of tax returns for individuals and businesses.

You work hard to keep things moving along, both at your job and in your own home. When you’ve tackled all your usual duties, you deserve some time to yourself. Tossing the job of filing your tax returns on top of your list of chores takes away from that.

At Tax Pros Plus, we understand this. That’s why we offer such a competitive price for our tax return service, which forwards the task into the hands of tax professionals who have been filing taxes for individuals and companies for nearly two decades. Give yourself a break this tax season, and place your trust in the experts at Tax Pros Plus.

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